A Revolutionary New Form of Neurofeedback

Clarity Direct Neurofeedback™

Unlike traditional neurofeedback, where you train your brainwaves, CLARITY Direct Neurofeedback™ requires no effort. A very tiny and imperceptible signal, specific for you, goes from the neurofeedback amplifier back to your brain. That signal causes a slight fluctuation in your brainwaves and allows your brain to get out of frozen, stuck patterns.

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Integrating Clarity into Your Clinic
CLARITY Direct is automated and easy to use. You will be up and running after only a 3 day training. The ease of operating the system allows the training to focus on becoming a skilled CLARITY clinician.
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Hardware, Software & Accessories Included
The CLARITY Direct Neurofeedback “Starter Kit” includes all the materials you need to begin seeing clients immediately. This includes everything from paste for your sensors to Client Intake and Follow-up Forms.
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CLARITY sessions can easily be integrated into your practice. Sessions typically take under 25mins. As the range of clinical disorders you work with expands, so will your practice.

Many Disorders Respond To

CLARITY Direct Neurofeedback™

While ADD, anxiety, depression and concussion all have different causes, the end result is frozen, stuck neuronal patterns. From anxiety to ADD, central nervous system dysfunctions are like a car that’s stuck in park. CLARITY Direct Neurofeedback™ gets traffic flowing again.

For more information on how CLARITY Direct Neurofeedback™ can help your patients and practice, please contact us today at (323) 705-3031.

FInd Out About CLARITY
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Contact us at (323) 705-3031 for more information on CLARITY Direct Neurofeedback™.

What CLARITY Providers Are Saying…

Claire Maisonneuve Clarity Direct Neurofeedback TestimonialKATHLEEN CALABRESEKI SPEER
"I have been using CLARITY Direct Neurofeedback™ in my practice as an adjunct to the treatment of anxiety, PTSD and depression and I have found it invaluable. I am very satisfied with the results it is providing my clients and the ways it’s helping them move forward in their healing. What’s been most interesting for me and delightful is how quickly results happen. My practice is growing very quickly mostly through word of mouth."
"From a Family Systems perspective with clients suffering from anxiety, depression, cognitive dysfunction, insomnia, CLARITY Direct Neurofeedback™ was the missing tool for my practice. It empowers my clients in a way that medication cannot. The addition of CLARITY Direct Neurofeedback™ to my practice has increased client satisfaction and therefore my satisfaction exponentially."
"After introducing CLARITY Direct Neurofeedback™ to our practice, we were blown away. Clients who had been in long-term therapy and struggling with anti-depressant medications, experienced dramatic shifts in just a few sessions. Suddenly, they were feeling better, with reduced symptoms, and greater ability to participate in their lives."
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“In the future most therapies will be combined with a brain therapy. If there is anxiety, depression, fear or pain, head injury or cognitive deficit, treating the nervous system will be a necessity.”

Dr. David Dubin

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