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CLARITY Direct Neurofeedback Fundamentals On-Site Training

CLARITY Direct Neurofeedback Fundamentals training is clinically oriented. We offer a detailed manual along with 3 days of on site training. Because our technology is easy to learn, the training focuses on becoming a skilled clinician. This includes assessment, phases of treatment, clinical decision-making, multiple case examples, obstacles to progress, and specific considerations with each disorder.

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CLARITY Training

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Contact us at (323) 705-3031 for more information on CLARITY Direct Neurofeedback.
It is very satisfying to use CLARITY Direct Neurofeedback in my practice, especially now being able to work with a greater spectrum of disorders. This is especially true for disorders that did not have good treatment options such as severe PTSD and mTBI. I would certainly recommend CLARITY Direct Neurofeedback to my colleagues.
Testimonial by Jesse Ghannam, Ph.D.
Jesse Ghannam, Ph.D.
San Francisco, CA

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CLARITY Direct Neurofeedback™ Training
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